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The Age of Distraction, hosted by Sarah Mason and screenwriters Warren Lewis and Stephen Godchaux, discusses the Content Explosion and its impact on Hollywood and the creative process.


ASC Cinematographer, Lawrence Sher on JOKER

Composer, Alan Silvestri to discuss his work on AVENGERS: ENDGAME


ASC Cinematographer Lawrence Sher


On a special episode of Conversations, Jake Essoe, co-host of The Harold & Maudecast joins Sarah Mason in an interview ASC Cinematographer, Lawrence Sher, for his work on JOKER.

JOKER marks the sixth film Lawrence Sher has worked with director Todd Phillips. Their successful relationship began with THE HANGOVER and, as you will hear in our interview, has become a critical and valued partnership for both Sher and Phillips. In addition to the Hangover triliogy, Sher's other credits include GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS, GARDEN DATE, WAR DOGS, FATHER FIGURES (which he directed) and KISSING JESSICA STEIN.

In this interview Sher discusses how the locations were key to Arthur/Joker's character arc, Joaquin's now iconic performance and his conversations with the actor, some insider info about the infamous scene with Mr Chow in The Hangover and whether or not more Joker in his the works.

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Composer Alan Silvestri

Scoring Endgame

With over 100 film credits, two Oscar nominations, two Golden Globe nods, three Grammy Awards, two Emmy awards and countless other film and music awards, Alan Silvestri has created some of the most iconic film scores in movie history. 


Silvestri describes his 35-year collaboration with director Robert Zemeckis like a marriage, "You go through a lot, ups and downs. You develop a shorthand and a trust and then 24 films later. It's amazing." Those 24 films include FORREST GUMP, BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, THE POLAR EXPRESS, CASTAWAY and the upcoming adaptation of Roald Dahl's THE WITCHES.


Silvestri's compositions span multiple film genres: From PREDATOR to OVERBOARD, PRACTICAL MAGIC to THE ABYSS, Tales from the Crypt to THE PARENT TRAP, this genius can never be pigeonholed. Just look at his IMDb credits for proof. No doubt he composed one of your favorite movie scores.


Silvestri's relationship with the MCU began with 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger and continued with his score for 2012's The Avengers, arguably the most memorable theme in the MCU. That theme has woven its way through every film in the universe since. In addition to the two just mentioned and, AVENGERS: ENDGAME, Silverstri also scored AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.


In one of my all time greatest fangirl moments, I sat down with Alan Silvestri to discuss his work on AVENGERS: ENDGAME and managed to get a few other questions in about his impressive decades-long career.

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Age of Distraction Series

Age of Distraction is a podcast series on The HMC Network hosted by Sarah Mason with screenwriters, Warren Lewis and Stephen Godchaux discussing the Content Explosion and its impact on Hollywood and the creative process.

Warren Lewis & Stephen Godchaux Bios


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Warren Lewis &

Stephen Godchaux

Warren Lewis’s credits as screenwriter include Black Rain (Paramount) and The Thirteenth Warrior (Touchstone).  He has worked on assignments for most of the major film and television studios including Sony, Warner Brothers and Fox. Warren’s recent scripts include,  A World Away – a modern retelling of The Dybbuk, Ansky’s classic play; The Brownsville Boys: A Tale of Murder Incorporated; Trade Craft, an espionage thriller; The Tale of the Bloodstone Riders, a western set in post-civil war Texas, and The Point, a one hour drama. Lewis holds an MFA from The California State University at Fullerton. He teaches screenwriting at La Jolla Writers Conference, the UCLA  and UCSD Writers Programs Extension and The California State University at Fullerton.

Stephen Godchaux is a native of New Orleans. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the Yale School of Drama where he received an MFA in Playwriting. He is a graduate of the Tulane University School of Law. He practiced law for several years for one of the largest law firms in San Francisco before going to Yale and becoming a writer. He has written for a dozen television shows, including “Roseanne” and “Spin City.” He was the Executive Producer and head writer of the critically acclaimed “Dead Like Me” on Showtime. He has written television pilots for CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, FX, TNT and USA. He was nominated for a Writers Guild Award for Best Original Television Movie for his film “Charlotte” as part of the film anthology Five on Lifetime. He is adapting Walker Percy’s celebrated novel “The Moviegoer,” winner of the 1962 National Book Award for Fiction, as a screenplay for the film producer Cary Brokaw.



with VES Award Winning FX Artist Pav Grochola

In this two-part interview, Sarah Mason sits down with VES and Oscar winning VFX Artist, Pav Grochola about his work as Lead VFX Artist on Sony Pictures Imageworks Oscar Winning animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Grochola's credits include Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Edge of Tomorrow for which he personally won an Annie Award from the Visual Effects Society for Outstanding Effects Simulations in a Photoreal/Live Action Feature Motion Picture.  Grochola talks about the amazing VFX and animation teams he has worked with and the innovative new tool he invented for Spiderverse that may change the future of animation.



Pav Grochola is an award winning VFX artist and FX Supervisor for Sony Pictures Imageworks. After receiving his degree in Fine Arts in his native Australia, Pav started his career at a post house in Melbourne then moved over to animation when the owner of an animation company saw the value of having a fine artist work on 3D projects. Pav got his big break working for famed British illustrator Dave McKean (The Sandman) on his film Mirror Mask. He then went on to work for Double Negative, one of the leading VFX companies in the world where he worked on several of the Harry Potter films. Pav's credits include Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Edge of Tomorrow for which he won an Annie Award from the Visual Effects Society for Outstanding Effects Simulations in a Photoreal/Live Action Feature Motion Picture.

Pav lives in Santa Monica, California with his wife Scarlett and son Aidan. 

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