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The Harold and Maudecast hosts, Sarah Mason and Jake Essoe have a unique chemistry and mutual love for the stories and characters that make up the wonderful world of genre entertainment. On this weekly podcast series they review movies, streaming and tv series, report live from Comic Cons and fan events around the world. 

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Episode 374 - The Stand vs The Stand vs The Stand

The Harold & Maudecast Hosts

The Harold and  Maudecast

Next Up: Episode 374 "The Stand vs The Stand vs The Stand"

On the next episode of The Harold and Maudecast, Sarah and Jake will do a deep dive review of 1994 miniseries vs the 2020 miniseries adaptations of Stephen King's book, "The Stand". Yes, we have read the book. 

Ep 374 drops May 11

EP 373: 
"Justice League Take 2! The Snyder Cut Reviewed"

At long last Zach Snyder's creative vision has arrived on HBO Max. Sarah and Jake do a deep dive on all four hours of the upgraded, redemption version of the Justice League. It's everything we hoped it would be and more. Spoilers abound.

EP 372: 
"Alien Franchise Retrospective"

The Return of the Harold and Maudecast! Sarah Mason and Jake Essoe are back with a new episode of the podcast, Episode 372: Alien Franchise Retrospective.

This episode breaks down and reviews every film in the Alien franchise (chronologically by release) starting with:
Alien 1979
Aliens 1986
Alien 3 1992
Alien:Resurrection 1997
Alien vs Predator 2004
Alien vs Predator Requiem 2007
Prometheus 2012
Alien: Covenant 2017

Thank you to all our loyal fans for your patience while we were on hiatus!

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