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Ep 365: Light of My Life and Rambo: Last Blood Reviews



Hosted by Sarah Mason & Jake Essoe

EP 365: Light of My Life and Rambo: Last Blood Reviews

On episode 365 of The Harold & Maudecast, Sarah and Jake review Light of My Life, an apocalyptic thriller written, directed and starring Oscar winner, Casey Affleck and Rambo: Last Blood, last chapter in the Rambo franchise starring Sylvester Stallone reprising his title role. 

In Light of My Life, Casey Affleck stars as a father protecting his daughter in a post pandemic USA. A decade after a plague wiped out almost all women, Dad (Affleck) and daughter Rag (Anna Pniowsky) must travel the country, hiding Rag's identity from many potential dangers. The pace of the film is often deliberate and slow--starting with the opening scene. Stick with it as the performances are worth it and the stakes get higher and more exciting as the film progresses. Affleck proves himself to be a triple threat--as ever his performance elevates any film and his writing and directorial chops though young are impressive and promising. Looking forward to his next move. Justice!

In Rambo: Last Blood, John Rambo (Stallone) has seemingly embraced domestic life on a ranch in Arizona with a teenage girl, Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal) and her grandmother (Adriana Barraza) with whom he has developed a familial bond. When Gabrielle goes missing in Mexico, Rambo, aided by investigative reporter Carmen (Paz Vega), must use all his combat skills to punish the cartel members who kidnapped Gabrielle. Like the last installment of Rambo in 2008, this films ups the gore factor putting this franchise almost in the horror genre. The production level has also been upped to a high level under director Adrian Grunberg (Get the Gringo, Apocalypto). Stallone co-wrote the script and story with writers Matthew Cirulnick, Dan Gordon based on characters created by David Morrell. Think Logan not 80s Rambo. This franchise has matured and its a beautiful albeit bloody send off for the character. Justice!

Both films now streaming on Amazon and other platforms.

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