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Director, Gaming

sarah mason

Executive Producer, Editorial Director

Co-founder of The HMC, Sarah's career spans over 20 years in the entertainment industry. She is published writer, event planner, marketer, producer, partnership specialist and film tourism expert. Sarah has built global marketing strategies and produced events for companies such as HP, Sony, Canon, Adobe, Apple, The American Film Institute (AFI), Comic-Con International and more. She holds a B.S. in Broadcasting and Film from Boston University. Her writing credits include narratives on Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Janis Joplin and others for A&E's Biography. Her biography of famed Film Critic Pauline Kael was featured in the book, "American Women Writer’s".

You can hear Sarah weekly on The Harold & Maudecast and on The Conversations Podcast. Sarah is a contributing writer for The HMC, Creative COW and Film Travelers.


jake essoe

Producer, Head of Gaming

Jake Essoe is Co-Founder of The HMC and Co-Host of The Harold & Maudecast and Host of Confessions of a Basement Dweller, game review podcast. As Producer at The HMC,  Jake is part of the creative team as well as ambassador of the brand. 


Prior to joining The HMC, Jake spent six years as Showroom Manager for the World-Famous Hollywood Improv. It was at the Improv where he honed his own standup skills. He has worked and performed with the most celebrated comics in the world. Jake's talents are not exclusive to comedy, while in Detroit he worked for The Shelter (of 8 Mile fame) produced albums, rap battled and worked with some of the most influential rap artists in the world. Jake has traveled all over the world and has a unique and global perspective on comedy and performing.

You can listen to Jake weekly on The Harold & Maudecast and see him live in comedy clubs throughout Los Angeles.


Sergio Pinheiro

Host and Director, True Field Test

Sergio is a mulit-disciplinary filmmaker who's worn as many hats as is necessary to complete a project. In addition to being an award-winning indie writer/director of short films and music videos, he is also a prolific freelancer. His credits include editing, cinematography, motion graphics, animation and opening title design for feature films, music videos, shorts and documentary. His most recent short film "4EVR" is currently wrapping up a successful festival run and will premiere online in the coming months.

Sergio is co-host of the True Field Test podcast and is the Creator and Director of True Field Test productions.





Carrie Weisberg is a Writer/Actor/Producer living in Los Angeles. She studied at Boston University and then made her way to Los Angeles after graduation to achieve all of her dreams and goals in the entertainment industry. Before she became too jaded she continued studying at The Second City Hollywood, where she found her comedic voice… and her people. Carrie has been lucky enough to work consistently (in one way or another) in the entertainment industry for the last several years producing shows such as SafeWord on MTV and VH1 and Great Minds with Dan Harmon for History. She has even been billed as a writer for some non-airing pilots for E!, WE and Feeln’ and even a real life airing show for DreamWorksTV on YouTube. Sometimes she can find jobs as an actor when Jennifer Lawrence is not available or she’s unwilling to do the part. When Carrie’s not working in TV she’s either teaching at the Second City Hollywood, trying to sell her own pilots or crying into her dog’s fur (all of which add value to her life). Carrie is happy to be here and you can follow her on the internet @carrieweisberg. 



Mike Long joined The HMC in 2017 as a Correspondent for our Lifestyle and Travel segments. Mike studied Ethnomusicology and sound design at The Evergreen State College. With his background in sound, he began traveling and recording sounds from all over the world. After spending a year traveling Europe and riding his bicycle across the United States, he continued to explore sound and culture in the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans. In between playing shows, exploring the rich cajun and creole music scene of the south, a trips to the swamp, he worked as a guide for an international ecotourism company. His job led him to sing and dance with the Maasai in Tanzania and Rwanda, spend weeks amidst the birdsong of the coasts of Costa Rica, and to work with locals in Northern Alaska. Since leaving New Orleans, he has set out to document the sounds and musics of the remote, unusual corners of the world. With a microphone, his aim is to work toward understanding, community, and inclusivity. Mike will be kicking off a series, Acoustic Cities: Traveling with Sound, in April.

Mike long


Audio Producer

Landon Grace is an Audio and Video Producer who has been working with The HMC since the very beginning. Landon, through his company Huntsville Studio in Huntsville, Alabama, has been helping people promote their businesses for over 20 years. He has worked with clients in both the corporate and entertainment industries. His impressive bag of skills includes,  live studio recording, mixing and mastering, audio editing, video production, sound system, lighting and staging and more.  Landon's efforts have been a critical part of The HMC helping us go from a fan podcast to a growing media network.

landon grace


Marketing Strategist

Katie Moss is the chief Marketing Strategist for The HMC, with a focus on SEO, social media and content strategy. 


After getting her Honors BA in English from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2009 and MA in English Literature from the University of Vermont in 2011, Katie jumped into the world of copywriting and marketing. She now spends most of her time marketing to IT buyers in the B2B tech world, though she saves some free time to explore the more 'fun' side of marketing with projects like HMC.


Katie has an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Who, gluten-free pizza, Margaret Atwood and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Katie joined the HMC team in 2015 and has contributed to a number of projects that have helped build the HMC brand.


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