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  • Sarah Mason, The HMC

The Vanguard at Work: Creating the Signature Cocktail

Matthew Biancaniello creating the never before seen, or tasted, Harold & MaudeTAIL !

It's official! We have a signature cocktail, The Harold & MaudeTAIL, thanks to our favorite Bar Chef, Matthew Biancaniello. The signature drink is part Scotch, part wine, and a whole lotta creative love, "The Laugh Factory meets Beacon Hill", according to Matt. That's about right on target. We got to sit down with this visionary vanguard as he prepped for his pop up at the opening of Avenue 31 on Sunset Plaza, Los Angeles.

The Harold & Maudetail

1 ounce Great King Scotch 1 ounce Merlot 3/4 lime juice Home made smoked sriracha Gaviota strawberries Maple syrup Korean shiso Wild pollinated fennel garnish

Co-Hosts Sarah Mason & Jake Essoe with Matthew Biancaniello

Matthew Biancaniello & Chef Gustavo Chavez at Avenue 31 on Sunset Plaza

Thanks to Luke workin it, everyone has amazing cocktails!

Matthew's creation, the Italian Greyhound with Avenue 31 Mushroom & White Truffle Flatbread

Matthew's creation The Bubbly Mary

Just some of the amazing freshness that comes with a Matthew Biancaniello pop up!

Another day, another amazing cocktail from Matthew Biancaniello

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