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  • Sarah Mason, The HMC

Abroadcast! Salem Haunted Happenings 2016

The Harold & Maudecast spent some quality time in Salem, Massachusetts for the annual Haunted Happenings festivities! Stay tuned for all our podcasts and interviews! Here's a look at our spooky antics.

Salem Haunted Happenings

The 36th Annual Salem Haunted Happenings festival will feature a month of programs and events to suit Halloween enthusiasts of all ages. The October program, which always includes a scary dose of theatrics, will be enhanced this year by live music, great food, and costumed pets. Headlining the new events for 2016 is the Haunted Harmonies a cappella festival on October 8. High school and collegiate a cappella groups will converge in Salem for a day of performance and learning that will culminate with a professional showcase and performance by Vox One. Also new this year is a Food Truck Festival on October 1st and 2nd on Salem Common, the Howl-o-Ween Parade for pets on October 2, and a Chowder Fest to benefit Breast Cancer Research on October 15. The 2016 Haunted Happenings Grand Parade will step off on October 6 with a celebration of the National Park Centennial. The theme this year is, “100 Years of Parks & Play.” Salem students from preschool through Salem State University will be led by Grand Marshall Paul DePrey, Superintendent of the Salem Maritime and Saugus National Historic Sites.

For more information on Salem Haunted Happenings visit

The House of the Seven Gables

House of Seven Gables, Salem, Ma

House of the Seven Gables Photo by Jared Charney

We toured the historic House of the Seven Gables on the Eve of their annual performances of The Spirit of the Gables and The Legend of the Hanging Judge. We got to chat with staff members and cast members. There's so much going on at The House of the Seven Gables. Stay tuned for our full report!

For info about their Haunted Happening events visit House of the Seven Gables

Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery

One of our favorite attractions, anywhere in the world is Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery. Salem's ONLY Monster Museum, this museum and its truly unique collection is an incredible tribute to Horror, Sci Fi and Fantasy Films. Actors, Directors and Special Effects artists and fans like US! We met with owner and curator, James Lurgio, who gave us a personalized tour of the greatest monster gallery in the world! Take a listen to our full tour episode (above) with James as we explore the most impressive collection of horror and sci-fi wax figures in the world!

Salem Witch - Leanne Marrama

Leanna Marrama

We sat down with renowned Salem Witch Leanne Marrama. Leanne is a High Priestess and Elder in the coven Raven Moon and for over 10 years has been an integral part of the annual Festival of the Dead

Clairvoyant Psychic Advisor - Kyri Spencer

Kyri Spencer

Kyri Spencer is a Clairvoyant Psychic Advisor and Medium. For readings you can find Kyri at Hex and Omen during Haunted Happenings. She hosts the Haunted Happenings annual, Messages from the Spirit World: An Authentic Salem Séance

For more information about Kyri's training and services or to book appointment visit her website Salem Sight

Messages from the Spirit World - An Authentic Salem Séance

We stepped into the Spirit Parlor of OMEN and experienced an authentic séance in Salem with spirit mediums Marion Hedger and Willie Rosario. Reverends Marion and Willie have been able to communicate with the spirits since childhood. Marion and Willie have helped thousands of people to reach through the veil of mortality, helping to reunite the living and the dead.

For tickets and information visit

Haunted Happenings Guide photo by John Andrews

Haunted Happenings Guide photo by John Andrews

The Harold & Maudecast

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Stay tuned for our Salem Happening podcasts full of interviews, tours and all the fun -- this week!

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