Immerse yourself in the stories you love with The HMC podcast network. We take you right to the heart of pop culture and genre fiction fandom with movies & game reviews, articles, live event and comic con coverage. We interview the super cool people creating your favorite stories. We provide the ultimate convention and film travel survival guides. Our podcasts give in depth commentary and reviews for fan favorite TV shows like Game of Thrones and franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, DC and more. 
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Retro Microphone

The HMC has a full line up of popular podcasts that include reviews of movies and series, video games, interviews with celebrities,  conventions and festival coverage, production gear and technology tutorials.  We also offer podcast production and live streaming services. We will produce your podcast for you!

Film Travelers

The HMC's travel division, Film Travelers, specializes in film tourism destination marketing and experiences.In addition to B2B services, we can also plan your trip to filming locations around the world so you can live the stories you love! Film Travelers is a certified travel company and a member of Travel Leaders Network.


The HMC has three podcasts dedicated to movie reviews as well as regular written reviews on our blog from our team of accredited film critics. We also interview the talented filmmakers behind the scenes and A-Listers in front of the camera.


The HMC's media team goes all over the world to find the most intriguing people in the world of entertainment and their stories. We cover the latest movies and TV series, conventions, festivals. Follow our Blog for great articles, interviews and all of our news events.



For 10 years The HMC has been producing high quality, popular podcasts and covering entertainment fan conventions and events around the world.

In addition to producing our own lineup of podcasts, The HMC offers world-class podcast production services and live streaming with state-of-the-art equipment and studios. 

HMC began as a The Harold & Maudecast, a podcast hosted by Sarah Mason and Jake Essoe. The Harold & Maudecast celebrates the stories, fandom and culture of Genre Fiction -- Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Super Hero, Crime, Westerns. With over 400 episodes and counting, Sarah and Jake have traveled around the world capturing the spirit of fandom from
San Diego Comic-Con to Tokyo's Comiket.

In 2018 The HMC introduced new travel division Film Travelers specializing in film tourism strategy, trip planning and fan-themed events. Our team of experiential planners and travel experts produce customized experiences, retreats, themed events and plan the ultimate trip to filming locations of your favorite TV shows and movies like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Downton Abbey and Outlander.


In addition to the The Harold & Maudecast, The HMC's podcast lineup includes, Conversations with Cooler People Than Me interview series, Age of Distraction Hollywood insider podcast, Justice and Doom Movie Reviews, Confessions of a Basement Dweller video game reviews, Abroadcast lifestyle and travel series and our newest podcast, True Field Test, production workflow and product reviews. 

The network launched in early 2012. In 2018 The HMC introduced new travel division 
Film Travelers specializing in film tourism destination marketing and trip planning. Our team of experiential planners and travel experts produce customized experiences, retreats, themed events and plan the ultimate trip to filming locations of your favorite TV shows and movies like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Downton Abbey and Outlander.

The HMC's corporate offices are in Santa Monica, California with team members worldwide.