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advertising and production  

Advertise on one of our popular podcasts or let us produce your podcast! We offer full podcast production services. Contact Us to Request Our Deck.


Get your brand out to thousands of engaged listeners. We provide the podcasts, you provide the messaging -- or we can do that too!


Our podcasts are distributed across The HMC and partner Creative COW's social media, website and email lists reach  -- 

  • 320,000+ Social Media Followers

  • 3 Million+ Monthly page views

  • 1 Million+ Monthly unique visitors

  • 500,000+ Members

  • 150,000+ Subscribers


Spoken Ad Insertion Options:

  • live read, the host integrates your product into the current episode in an authentic way.

  • recorded read, the host pre-records an audio commercial about your product that will be played during a specific time slot in the podcast episode.

Ad Roll Options:
• 30-second pre-roll
• 60-second mid-roll
• 15-second End of show-roll

Podcasting Services

We will come to you or produce your podcast in our studio. Our production services and packages offer options for Email Marketing to our targeted opt in lists including our partner, Creative COW with a opt-in list of media professionals and creatives of 150,000+ 



Podcast Production Services

  • Branded Podcasts

  • Production Equipment 

  • Professional Hosts

  • Influencers and Guests 

  • Audio Engineer

  • Delivery format options - Apple Podcast & YouTube Compliant

  • Option for Simulcast Streaming

  • Marketing Options

    • Branded Emails Creative COW Media Professionals List 

    • Branded Emails to Our Lists -- YouTubers, filmmakers, gamers, eSports, pros comic-con and festival attendees, consumer and pros

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