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Future Tech Live! @ WonderCON 2018

The Harold & Maudecast will be live from WonderCON 2018 at Future Tech Live!

Stop in to see the latest in tech and innovation - VR, AR, MR, AI, and don't forget the EGames! Follow our social networks for realtime coverage. Here's what you will see!

WonderCon Anaheim 2018 marks Future Tech Live’s debut at the Anaheim Convention Center, having become an annual event at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

Future Tech Live! was created to celebrate the boldest and coolest in the exploding areas of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mediated Reality (MR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Internet of Things (IOT), Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, Sustainable and Emerging Tech. FTL (formerly VR Con), which will travel to cities around North America and beyond, covering entertainment, gaming, education, travel, design and more.

What you will see !

  • Multi-player VR gameplay with Hologate

  • The future of commercial transport—heavy duty drones

  • An arresting new sound solution from MAX-D!

  • A groundbreaking simulation and physics platform accessed in VR from SpaceCRAFT

  • A bountiful selection of some terrific VR experiences (Avengers, Game of Thrones, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them) courtesy of FramestoreVR

  • The debut of Mahabarrata as both an Augmented Reality app and as mixed reality in 360 domes courtesy of FulldomePro (a relaxing way to enjoy fully immersive entertainment).

  • Light Sail VR will present its latest, an awesome interactive horror narrative, Speak of the Devil.

Attractions at Future Tech Live:

  • Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul in VR - from VRWERX/Paramount Pictures

  • Red Bull Re-Energizer Lounge

  • Arcslinger VR PVP – from Big Red Button

  • Starship Commander – from Human Interact

  • Hologate – Multi-Player VR – a New Dimension in Immersive Entertainment

  • Leap Motion – Reach into Virtual Reality with your Bare Hands

  • MAX-D | Max Sound Corp. – HD Audio

  • Stimuli VR

  • The Majesty of the Mahabarata - in 360 Dome Pro

  • Vortex Immersion Media

  • Robot Prayers

  • Expert DOJO

  • Foodies.AI

  • Advantage Video Systems

  • Horizon Hover

  • VRI featuring E-Love

  • Duo-Trac Golf Tech

  • Arch Mission

  • Electronic Software Association Foundation

Show days and hours:

Friday, March 23, 11:30am – 7pm

Saturday, March 24, 10am – 7pm

Sunday, March 25, 10am – 5pm

Future Tech Live Panel Schedule

Please check WonderCON Programming Schedule for up-to-date panel list & schedule.

Game As a Pro - Friday, 3/23/18, 3:00p.m. - 4:00p.m., Room: 207

What does it take to become an e-sport pro? A game designer? A programmer? This panel will give you the heads up in making your dreams a bit more achievable. Intended panelists: Damian “E-Love” Matthias (CEO of VR Innovator, Grammy Award-winning Rapper and Producer – Tupac, LL Cool J), Rika Muranaka (Producer & Composer, Metal Gear, Castlevania )Pro Gamer Annakin, Derrick Douglas (CAA head of Gaming), Section Studios , Sohrob C. Farudi (Fan Controlled Football League), Guy Constantini (VP Global Interactive Marketing, Skydance Media, Archangel VR) and Cat Wendt (Marketing & Community Manager, iThrive Games). Moderated by Anastasia Staten (Executive Director, The ESA Foundation).

Hollywood & Emerging Tech – The Evolution of Entertainment -

Saturday, 3/24/18, 12:30p.m. - 1:30p.m., Room: North 200B

A diverse panel explores where Hollywood and technology is headed in 2018 and beyond: Gregg Katano (Partner, Hologate), Richard Garriott (Co-Founder Zero-G, famed Game Designer), a Representative from Framestore (Gravity, Interstellar, Fantastic Beasts & Where You Find Them), Brooks Brown (Global Director VR, John Wick, Payday), Guy Constantini ( VP Global Interactive Marketing, Skydance Media, Archangel VR) Nick Eisele (Games Producer & VR Production Lead, NBCUniversal Games) and Cliff Plumer (CEO the Void, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire in Hyper Reality). Moderated by Anastasia Staten (Executive Director, The ESA Foundation).

The Science of Cool - Saturday, 3/24/18, 6:30p.m. - 7:30p.m., Room: North 200B

An all-star panel of scientists and creators discuss how the rise of immersive technology, rocketry, robotics and AI have made science cool again and continue to bring us closer to solving some of the greatest challenges and mysteries in our Universe. Panel will include Greg Chamitoff (Former NASA astronaut & Director of SpaceCRAFT), Richard Garriott (Co-Founder Zero-G, famed Game Designer), TJ Wright (CEO of Horizon Hover), Nova Spivack (CEO, Magical), Brooks Brown (Global Director VR, John Wick, Payday), Natascha French (CMO – VNTANA holograms) and Stephen Hunter of Elevation Media/Fulldome Pro. Moderated by Karen Horting (CEO & Executive Director of the Society of Women Engineers).

Going Crypto: How digital coin technology is changing how we live our lives - Sunday, 3/25/18, 10:30a.m. - 11:30a.m., Room: 300D

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, LiteCoin… Crypto Currency or Digital Currency or Digital Coin or Blockchain or whatever you want to call it is arguably the most talked-about topic in the ether right now. Beyond the speculation of altcoins, tokens and ICOs, at the heart of it all is an innovative tracking technology that is now also impacting gaming, entertainment, and everyday life. Companies like Gameflip, for example, are using blockchain tech to optimize the way gamers can trade their in-game bounty. Tech companies such as Kodak have entered the market creating currency and bitcoin mining opportunities. So come find out what is coming down the pike in the world of crypto! From gaming to animation to music to entertainment to lifestyle, this world will never be the same. This panel will feature Sohrob C. Farudi (Fan Controlled Football League), Lauren Selig (Founder Tangled Little Dragon), John Blaisure (CEO, Max-D), Eric Mitchell (CEO, Writ Media), Manshu Agarwahl (CEO, Ponder) and moderated by Josh Lawler (Zuber, Lawler and Del Duca).

Total Immersion - AR, VR & Comics -

Sunday, 3/25/18, 1:30p.m. - 2:30p.m., Room: 300D

Immerse yourself in the world of comics. Literally. This panel will discuss the exciting developments. Panel intended to include: representatives Madefire (Marvel & Magic Leap) and Square Enix (VR), Mira Labs and Stephen Hunter from Elevation Media . Moderator TBD.


Red Bull Presents

ESPORTS & "We Are' Diversity Lounge

The Void will be promo-ing their amazing “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire Experience.” a remarkable Hyper Reality multi-player experience (beyond virtual reality), and previewing their new locations around the globe.

WonderCon Anaheim welcomes the “A.I. Innovation Fair” with its focus on artificial intelligence, sustainable tech and advanced robotics. And a few more surprises are waiting: VR racing, Akon in 360/VR and ... you’ll just have to come by and see!

Anaheim Convention Center North 154 Friday: 11:30–7:00

Saturday: 10:00–7:00

Sunday: 10:00–5:00

For more info & full schedule go to Press Release

Check out the fun we had at San Diego Comic-Con !

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