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Harry Potter fans Unite! Popular Wizarding Pop-Up Bar The Cauldron is coming to Dublin & Edinbur

The Cauldron Magical Experience has announced an Irish pop-up, which opens in July and an Edinburgh pop-up opening in June.

The Cauldron has announced two new expansions of its fantasy-themed cocktail-making experience, following two successful pop-ups in London and New York City that have welcomed over 100,000 aspiring witches and wizards. The Magical Experience opens June 28th on Frederick Street in New Town and in July at The Liquor Rooms in Dublin.

Tickets on sale now for both



The Cauldron began as a Crowdfunding project in 2017 whilst co-founder Matthew Cortland, a George Mitchell Scholar and former reading teacher, was living in Dublin, working at a tech startup, and finishing his master’s degree in Creative Digital Media at the Dublin Institute of Technology. Cortland, a former moderator of the Dublin Startup Digest, moved to London to set up the business and is now returning to Ireland to bring the product home. “This concept has such strong roots in Irish Design and individuals in Dublin-- from our illustrator to our wand maker to our key advisors. We even shot our first video in The Gravediggers in Glasnevin, a location that was a major source of inspiration for the interior design vision for The Cauldron. Without the assistance and contribution from these people, I’m not sure that we would have ever gotten to this point,” said Cortland. “I’m incredibly grateful,” he added.

Co-founder David Duckworth, a molecular cocktail and experience designer, remarked on the strong fit between The Cauldron’s concept and Irish folklore. “Celtic folklore and mythology ties into the fantastical experience we are bringing to Dublin. The idea that magic is real and just inaccessible to ordinary people or that the veil to the other realm is just beyond reach is a concept that resonates with those who love fantasy and mythology. Our goal is to use science, the magic of our world, to make that dream real.”

Co-Founders David Duckworth and Matthew Cortland

The Cauldron at The Liquor Rooms is a one hour and forty-five minute ticketed class that centers on the idea of using science and technology to bring concepts from fantasy novels and magical lore to life. Upon arrival, guests receive a robe and working magic wand, which is imbibed with technology and used to pour helpings of The Cauldron’s collaboration craft beer, cocktail, or mocktail.

Guests use the equipment at their wand-interactive workstation, which include a cauldron, mixing utensils, and fresh and bottled potion-making ingredients to brew two drinkable potions that change colour, bubble, and smoke. Classes include 3 drinks, all materials and supplies, and start at just €29.99 per ticket. Individual, group, and corporate bookings are available. Over 18s only.

During their time at The Cauldron, guests can use their magic wand to pour their own pint of Wicked Wolf, a limited edition collaboration beer brewed for The Cauldron Dublin by Wicklow Wolf in Bray. The hoppy and floral IPA is brewed with ingredients used in real magical history-- Jasmine and Green Tea-- and those specific to Ireland-- Malted Irish Barley and Wicklow Water. Patrons who buy tickets in the first 24 hours of their release will be placed in a drawing for a private brewery tour and tasting of Wicked Wolf and Wicklow Wolf’s current product line.

The Cauldron Dublin is working with the Press Up Group to run a 3-month pop-up in The Liquor Rooms, a well-known underground speakeasy on the quays.

The Cauldron Edinburgh introduces the first collaboration beer that Innis & Gunn have produced in the UK. “We take our name, The Cauldron, from the Weird Sisters in The Scottish Play, and so are excited to produce a beer with a creative brand like Innis & Gunn that draws inspiration from that same literary reference,” said Duckworth.

The Cauldron has also formed a collaboration with Hydra, the oldest grow shop in Edinburgh, which is helping to install and maintain an indoor hydroponics grow room at The Cauldron Edinburgh. The venue will grow the herbs and botanicals-- strawberry, rosemary, mint, basil-- used in the Experience, and to give its patrons a look into fun and interesting science that many people have never seen up close. “We want to encourage hands-on interaction with science and technology for adult learners,” said Cortland. “Science is just the magic of our world,” added Duckworth.

Visitors to The Cauldron’s classes are encouraged to bring a copy of their favorite childhood book, which will be donated to a reading classroom in need in Dublin. Find The Cauldron on social media @thecauldronpub.

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