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Popular Wizard-themed Pop-up Expands to NYC

The Cauldron Magical Experience has announced a NYC pop-up, which opens in September

The Cauldron has announced an American expansion of their fantasy-themed cocktail-making experience, following a 5-month, sold-out run in London that welcomed over 15,000 aspiring witches and wizards. The Magical Experience opens in September on Stone Street in Lower Manhattan.

The Cauldron NYC by Bavaria Bierhaus is a one hour and forty-five minute ticketed class that centers on the idea of using science and technology to bring concepts from fantasy novels and magical lore to life. Upon arrival, guests receive a robe and working IoT magic wand, which they use to pour helpings of Poetic Meade (also known as the “Nectar of the Gods”), a honey wine famous in mythology.

Guests use the equipment at their wand-interactive workstation, which include a cauldron, mixing utensils, and fresh and bottled potion-making ingredients to brew two drinkable potions that change colour, bubble, and smoke. Classes include all materials and supplies, and are from $44.99 per ticket. Individual, group, and corporate bookings are available. Over 21s only.

Patrons who buy tickets for The Cauldron NYC in the first 24 hours of their release (RIGHT NOW!) will be in the running for a private tour and tasting of Hellbroth and other custom beers at Sixpoint's brewery. We'll select 7 winners. Classes include all materials and supplies, and are from $44.99 per ticket. Individual, group, and corporate bookings are available. With Halloween and the Winter Holidays around the corner, you should get here while The Cauldron is still bubbling.

During their time at The Cauldron, guests can use their magic wand to pour their own pint of Hell Broth, a limited edition collaboration beer brewed for The Cauldron by Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn.The beer is imbibed with pumpkin, marigold, and all spice— ingredients used in real magical history.Patrons who buy tickets in the first 24 hours of their release will be placed in a drawing for a private brewery tour and tasting of Hell Broth and other limited edition releases at Sixpoint on August 29th.

The Cauldron NYC's Stone Street location is a historic cobblestone street in the Financial District of Manhattan. The Cauldron NYC by Bavaria Bierhaus will be a similar experience to our first pop-up in London (Volume I), but with updated tech, materials, and design.

Upon arrival, you will receive a robe and a magic wand and will be led inside The Cauldron’s enchanting castle. You will test your working magic wand by pouring helpings of Poetic Mead before brewing two molecular potions. As mentioned we have partnered with Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn to brew "Hellbroth," a custom collaboration beer made from pumpkin, marigold, and all spice-- all ingredients used in magical history.

The Cauldron London. Photo by Xavier Boldu.

Meanwhile in London, we've just announced The Cauldron Volume II-- a completely re-designed and updated Magic Experience in a new and larger venue. If you attended Volume I, you won't want to miss Volume II. We've just released more tickets and times for The Cauldron London, so get your date before it disappears.

Our brilliant Creative and Expansion teams have been working like elves to make this happen, and we are very excited to share this news!This is a giant step forward for our company-- just one year ago we were an idea and a Kickstarter Project. Now we are in two countries, have welcomed over 15,000 aspiring witches and wizards (and a few trolls) to our first pop-up, and are on Volume II in London.

Thank you for helping us get to this point, and we hope you will continue to be involved as we build something fantastical!

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