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  • Sarah Mason, The HMC

Cool Thrones Facts - Behind the Makeup

The White Walker King

Ever wonder what your favorite Game of Thrones characters look underneath all the armor and sculpted head casts? The fearsome Night King, leader of the White Walkers, is so creepy and convincing it's easy to forget behind the sinister icy stare is an actor who spent a lot of time in a make up chair.

In the case of the Night King, that actor is Richard Brake. You may remember Brake from his roles in BATMAN BEGINS, SPY, KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE and the 2016 Rob Zombie film, 31. Listen to our Review of 31 and Brake's outstanding performance. We can't wait to see more of Drake as the Night King as he's sure to play a big role in the lead up to the series finale.

You can view more of Game of Thrones cast members in and out of costume on

Actor Richard Drake

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